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#53 - Trust Token

Season 1, Ep. 53

On Episode #53, we spoke with Ryan Rodenbaugh, Business Development Lead at Trust Token.

This episode of the Bounty0x podcast was sponsored by Token Talks Podcast. Check out their podcast at!

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#52 - A marketplace for user data allowing users to monetize their own data

Season 1, Ep. 52

On this episode of the Bounty0x podast, we speak to Rodrigo Irarrazaval, the Marketing Manager at Wibson.

Wibson is a blockchain-based, decentralized data marketplace that provides individuals a way to securely and anonymously sell validated private information in a trusted environment. During the podcast, we discussed the Wibson mobile app which allows users to control and monetize their data, and thereby regain control over their personal data and actively participate in the value it creates.

This episode of the Bounty0x podcast was sponsored by Token Talks Podcast. Check out their podcast at

About Token Talks :

Token Talks is a podcast produced by Wing Venture Capital which includes discussion of topics such as ICOs, altcoins, decentralization, token economics and the future of digital currency in tech.Token Talks intends to make the cryptocurrency ecosystem more accessible by connecting thought leaders and entrepreneurs with mainstream companies, consumers, and investors.

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#49 - Portion's marketplace for art and collectibles

Season 1, Ep. 49

On this episode of the podcast, we speak to Jason Rosenstein, CEO of

Portion recently released a feature called "Drops".

By entering a Drop, collectors have a chance to acquire one or more of the goods that are part of the drop. At the very least, a collector walks away with a good that is valued equal to or greater than the cost of entry.

Here’s a short video:


Portion bridges art, luxury, and crypto. Through Portion's smart contracts and distributed technology, art and collectibles enters a free market.

About Jason:

Jason Rosenstein is an entrepreneur, developer, and builder. Drawn by the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in 2011, Jason founded his first company building powerful machines to generate cryptocurrencies.

As a previous founder of two companies and an experienced developer, Jason finished his degree in computer science with specialization of cryptography at NYU. Utilizing his expertise in system architecture, financial systems, and project management, he has co-founded Portion, where he is tapping into the power of blockchain technology to reimagine the online auction house.